Meet Your Coach


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
  • Steel Mace Flow Level 1
  • Mr. Maceman Certified
  • MaceFit Certified
  • NewBreed MaceBell Certified
  • KIPS Steel Mace Certified


  • Convos and Cafecito EP #9  – LISTEN
  • Dirty strength radio EP#8  – LISTEN
  • The Human Eq8ion EP #23 – LISTEN

Victoria Islas

Coach Questions:

When did you start in fitness?

I started my health journey at a very young age. I was always “chubby” growing up. It got to the point where I would wear large clothes, act like a dude and hang out with mostly boys because I had a really hard time with my weight. It took me a long time to do fitness and nutrition right for myself. Now I teach, guide and coach others the right way to health!

Why did you get into fitness and nutrition?

Fitness and Nutrition have always been a part of my life but it really hit me hard when my father had his first heart attack. I realized how important movement and food was at another level. Then when my dad passed away after his 3rd heart attack I knew I had to do something to prevent others and their families from experiencing disease and pain from such experiences. It sucks to know that all of it was preventable but it also feels really good to be able to help others now.

Why did you become a Fitness and Nutrition Coach?

This question is simple. To help others. I am naturally an empath. I care and want to help people get and stay healthy for life. I also had my share of bad experiences going to conventional gyms growing up – no one to help guide me and sometimes when there was someone it wasn’t what I hoped for. I want to show the people I do work with that getting a coach and joining a group class can actually be a really awesome experience.

What’s your favorite super hero and why?

Dr. Strange for sure!  Dr.Strange evolves after a tragic accident and goes out seeking for an alternative healing method when everything else fails. I can relate to this completly. My tragic experience was my father leaving so soon and my healing method was my Steel Mace. Plus I absolutely love all the spiritual and multi-dimensional shit.

What’s your favorite TV Show?

Easy, Ancient Aliens but I am so ready to make the Mandalorian my favorite. Who doesn’t love baby not yoda?

What’s your favorite Movie?

All of STAR WARS! I think I cheated on these last two questions.

What’s your favorite band?

Linkin Park